Erroneously credited winnings shall be repaid. A few extra time or penalty shoot-out has no influence when evaluating the winnings.

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You decide what to bet on after that how. Winnings and determining winnings 1 With fixed odds, winnings are considered by multiplying the odds by the stake. To do so simply acquaintance our customer support. Surcharges can be of varying amounts on different bets, types of bet etc. Google Analytics uses so called "cookies", data files stored on the customer's computer so as to allow the customer's use of the website to be analysed. Our ability to see of a perfect gambling site, along with the latest and greatest casino games. If there are more than 2 participants involved in the dead ardour, then the bet stakes are alienate further according to the number of players involved. Bets which are not confirmed at that time are rejected.

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Insertion bets on BonkersBet 1 With all bet placed the betting customer acknowledges the validity and applicability of these betting provisions in their current account. In the event of doubt, BonkersBet reserves the right to only acknowledge deposits against presentation of a applicable passport or comparable identity document. The headings contained herein are inserted designed for reference purposes only and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation of any part of these general terms and conditions. Bets which are not confirmed at that time are rejected.

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