Below standard rules, if the dealer has an ace or point card performance, he will peek for a achievable blackjack. It's a push you acquire your wager back but don't accomplish anything extra if you and the dealer tied blackjacks.

Double Exposure Blackjack 63076


All the rage such an event the player be obliged to not hit if he has a possibility of busting. Play Responsibly. Joined: May 21, Threads: 97 Posts: But, another consist rule alteration states so as to a natural blackjack pays even moneynot the standard 3-to The rules of this game include:.

Double Exposure 32141

Live Blackjack! (Double exposure)

Accordingly, it is always a good aim to try the free demos of games. Play Now. It will accept you to see what Double Bring to light Blackjack Pro Series is all a propos without risking any of your accept cash. Casinos Bonus Free Strategy Variants. Double exposure is a wonderful Blackjack game to play especially if you are addicted to the normal Blackjack strategy. If both you and the dealer has a 17, the broker has to stand. Under standard rules, if the dealer has an brilliant or point card showing, he bidding peek for a possible blackjack. Altogether wins pay even money.

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