Nicole UTC If I ever disconnect arrange you, it's because of my dumb 3G modem, when not at abode, or my unreliable soon-to-be-replaced ISP.

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July 30, AM. Previous Thread. Because they lost when game DCed? We allow already captured your remarks as a valuable feedback to our developers band so that they can do the needful. Happens every 5 or 6 games I reckon, Ive even been in games where my opponent was ahead and the game was exit and then it comes up "EA will check who was winning I had a Lie and Go the other day that did both Apart from maybe a few quit glitches I've not experienced that many. I reset my modem, and range extender and nothing worked or it would work for a bit then I would get the same issues. Howdy, Stranger!

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Abiding One. In case they get a loss and the opponent the accomplish let them have the fitness bring back and contract counted. WyomingMyst UTC 2.

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July 28, PM. But most of the time the internet connection reconnects accordingly quickly that the user doesn't become aware of it and thinks it's either the EA server or the player who cheated. Immortal One. I noticed individual thing why this might not automatically be an accurate way of measuring a quit glitcher. July 30, AM.


Allow an amazing day ahead. In FIFA 18 the most annoying is the no loss glitch. The game did not record loss for me after that neither a win for them. Perhaps only 20 or so instances akin to these where I didn't get accomplish when I should've. He has thousands of wins and only 56 losses!!!

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